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With dozens of Dueling Pianos production companies being launched each year, how much time should a Corporate Event Planner or Bride spend analyzing each and every Minnesota Dueling Pianos production company in order to decipher who is best suited for a particular event/Wedding? Especially when considering new and relatively unproven Dueling Piano production companies? The power of the Internet is undeniable: it has rendered every other traditional method of searching for the right wedding entertainment act virtually irrelevant. The convenience of the internet awards another opportunity for an unqualified entertainer to place cleverly edited promotional material and altered letters of reference (sometimes even bogus references) directly and instantly in the laps of inexperienced Talent Purchasers. (Let's face it, Brides and Grooms will most likely never "buy" a band, DJ or Dueling Pianos Entertainment again in their lifetime). This Blog will introduce The Funkeys Dueling Pianos {Dueling Pianos Weddings, St. Paul}, how they work and how The Funkeys (Minneapolis Dueling Pianos) compare to other less experienced Dueling Pianos production companies.

Things you should ask each Minnesota/Minneapolis Dueling Pianos Wedding act you are considering:
Minnesota Dueling Pianos Wedding FAQ:

  1. How many weddings have you performed?
  2. Do you have a list of references you can provide?
    • If you are given a list of email addresses as references, beware of web-based addresses such as, or as they may very well be used in a deceiving manner.
  3. How long have you performed the Dueling Pianos concept?
    • Any veteran Dueling Piano entertainer will tell you that they never really mastered the concept in their early years. The more experience the Dueling Pianist has, the more adept they will be in their ability to entertain a diverse audience at your Dueling Pianos Wedding reception or Minnesota Dueling Pianos event.
  4. Have you ever been fired from a Traditional Dueling Pianos venue?
    • Several Dueling Pianos entertainers who are currently taking advantage of advertising on the Internet have been fired multiple times from multiple Dueling Pianos venues and can now, only attain employment from single-date Talent Purchasers who do not specialize in The Dueling Pianos concept.
  5. Do you charge hourly or by event?
    • A good Minnesota Dueling Pianos team will entertain your guests from time the doors open for guest arrival, to the time your very last guests walk out the doors. Some Minneapolis Dueling Pianos companies will charge by the hour, offering an initial fee that is seemingly attractive only to be later disappointed when the true hourly fee is unveiled.
  6. How many events have you performed this past month where you were required to keep the performance "clean"?
    • Many inexperienced dueling piano players only know how to utilize off-color humor as a means of comedy. Shock Value goes a long way, but is 100% out of line when performing at a high profile corporate event or a Wedding Reception. QUALIFY THE ACT YOU ARE CONSIDERING. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT TO MAKE YOUR EVENT RIGHT. Quoted from Simone Vitale, leader of The Simone Vitale Band, "An act can't go back the next night to get it right..a wedding reception or corporate event is a once in a lifetime event."


Overview of The Funkeys Dueling Pianos for Minnesota Dueling Pianos events in Duluth, Mankato, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington and surrounding cities

The Funkeys ( consist of Two Minnesota Veteran Dueling Piano Players, Dan Satterberg and Marshall Charloff with a third Minnesota native, Jon Li, on stand-by. Both Marshall and Dan have served as MINNESOTA DUELING PIANOS Entertainment Directors for established dueling pianos venues such as Axel's Bonfire Grill, Little Ditties, RumRunners and Jellyrolls. Books could be written on the contributions both Dan and Marshall have made to the Dueling Pianos arena. Both are responsible for authoring some of the stock bits and call-downs performed in Dueling Pianos venues across the country. Many younger duelers owe their start in the dueling pianos concept to both Marshall and Dan as they are both very giving and nurturing in their training approach.
For all Minnesota Dueling Pianos events, Weddings, Fundraisers and Corporate events, The Funkeys provide back ground music for Cocktail/Dinner, a Featured Dueling Pianos performance of up to (4) hours (we strongly recommend a 2 hour performance followed by our DJ service) and a DJ service following the Featured Dueling Pianos performance for a well-rounded night of entertainment.
The Funkeys provide complete production including Sound Reinforcement, Lighting and Grand Pianos. Set up and Sound Check is completed one hour prior to your dueling pianos Minnesota event.

What is the best way to Hire Minnesota Dueling Piano Players?
All Brides, Grooms and Corporate Event Planners are strongly urged to make their initial inquiry by phone. The more information that is transferred during the phone call, the more likely we will be to service your event better for the best price possible.
Are the Funkeys only available in the state of Minnesota?
Although the Funkeys perform in their home state of Minnesota quite often, they are no strangers to traveling all over the Northern Plains and the Midwest. Below, please see a partial list of our engagements over the past several years:

Date City State
8/20/2010 T.B.D. MN Dueling Pianos Wedding
8/21/2010 T.B.D. Minnesota Dueling Pianos
8/24/2010 Peosta IA
8/25/2010 Calmar IA
8/26/2010 Indianapolis IN
8/28/2010 Mt. Pleasant MI
9/3/2010 Cedar Rapids IA
9/11/2010 Osceola WI
9/15/2010 Lincoln IL
9/16/2010 Fenton MI
9/17/2010 Omaha NEBRASKA Dueling Pianos Wedding
9/18/2010 Minneapolis (Dueling Pianos Wedding)
9/24/2010 Bridgewater VA
9/25/2010 Kasson

Minnesota Dueling Pianos

10/1/2010 Notre Dame IN
10/2/2010 Marshall [Minnesota Dueling Pianos]
10/8/2010 South Dakota South Dakota Dueling Pianos
10/14/2010 California PA
10/15/2010 Peoria IL
10/16/2010 Spencer IA
10/16/2010 Keokuk IA
10/19/2010 Boston MA
10/22/2010 Grand Rapids MI
10/30/2010 Plattesburg WI
11/1/2010 Des Moines IA
11/3/2010 Clinton IA
11/4/2010 Great Falls MT
11/5/2010 Lincoln IL
11/6/2010 Ursa IL
11/6/2010 Osceola WI
11/19/2010 Baraboo WI
11/27/2010 New Ulm MN
12/1/2010 Worthington PA
12/1/2010 Harrisburg PA
12/1/2010 Hazleton PA
12/3/2010 Kalamazoo MI
12/9/2010 Rice Lake WI
12/10/2010 Minneapolis Minnesota Dueling Pianos
12/11/2010 Wichita KS
12/17/2010 Cedar Rapids IA
12/31/2010 Sandwich IL
1/6/2011 Welch Dueling Pianos, DUELING PIANOS MINNESOTA
1/14/2011 Minneapolis {DUELING PIANOS MINNESOTA}
1/21/2011 Menomonie Wisconsin Dueling Pianos
1/28/2011 Sartell MN: Dueling Pianos
1/29/2011 poo poo browne WISCONSIN: DUELING pIANOS
2/12/2011 Normal IL
2/26/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
2/12/2011 Cincinnati OH
2/19/2011 University of Indianapolis IN
2/25/2011 Sandwich IL
2/26/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
3/4/2011 MN
3/11/2011 MN
3/12/2011 Wayzata MN
3/17/2011-3/19/2011 Waterloo IA
3/18/2011 Boston MA
3/21/2011 Indianapolis IN
3/23/2011 Minnesota
3/31/2011 St. Paul's Northern Plains Naca Conference
4/1/2011 Clinton IA
4/4/2011 Madison Wisconsin
4/9/2011 Byron MN
4/14/2011-4/16/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
4/21/2011-4/23/2011 Waterloo IA
4/22/2011 West Des Moines IA
4/28/2010 Eau Claire WISCONSIN
4/29/2011 Superior Dueling Pianos, WI
5/5/2011 Salina KS
5/6/2011 Parsons KS
5/7/2011 Overland Park KS
5/10/2011 Greensburg PA
5/12/2011-5/14/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
5/15/2011 Osage Beach MO
5/19/2011 Chesnut Hill MA
5/20/2011 MN
6/3/2011-6/4/2011 Waterloo Club
6/4/2011 MN
6/11/2011 Essex MT
6/12/2011 MN
6/17/2011 Fort Leonard Wood MO
6/24/2011 Fort Leonard Wood MO
6/25/2011 Langsford SD
6/25/2011 Fort Leonard Wood MO
6/26/2011 Oakford IL
6/27/2011 Indianapolis IN
7/7/2011-7/9/2011 Joplin Club
7/14/2011-7/16/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
7/16/2011 St. Joseph MO
7/21/2011-7/23/2011 Waterloo Club
7/23/2011 Brooklyn MI
7/29/2011 Fort Knox KY
7/29/2011 Fort McCoy WI
7/30/2011 Stevens Point {Wisconsin dueling pianos}
8/6/2011 Breezy Point MN
8/11/2011-8/13/2011 Joplin Club
8/12/2011 Pipestone MN
8/14/2011 Detroit MI
8/17/2011 Pueblo CO
8/18/2011-8/20/2011 Waterloo Club
8/19/2011 Albion MI
8/24/2011 Elgin IL
8/25/2011 Kingsport TN
8/25/2011 Lafayette IN
8/25/2011 Indianapolis IN
8/26/2011 Lebanon TN
8/26/2011 Angola IN
8/27/2011 Lake Forest IL
8/29/2011 Peosta IA
8/29/2011 Mason City IA
8/30/2011 Calmar IA
8/31/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
9/3/2011 Wedding w/ Bullwinkels
9/4/2011 Duluth MN: Dueling Pianos
9/9/2011 Adrian MI
9/10/2011 Minneapolis Dueling Pianos: Minnesota
9/12/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
9/15/2011 Fenton MI
9/16/2011 St. Joseph MN
9/16/2011 Fort Presidio CA
9/16/2011 Villanova PA
9/17/2011 Springfield MA
9/20/2011 Aberdeen SD
9/23/2011 Notre Dame IN
9/29/2011 Glassboro NJ
9/30/2011 Fargo ND
9/30/2011 Fort Knox KY
10/1/2011 Wisconsin Dells Dueling Pianos: Wisconsin
10/7/2011 APCA / Northeast
10/8/2011 APCA / Northeast
10/9/2011 APCA / Northeast
10/8/2011 Minneapolis MN
10/8/2011 Burlington IA
10/14/2011 Mankato MN
10/15/2011 Stewartville MN
10/28/2011 Stevens Point WI
10/28/2011 APCA Midwest
10/29/2011 APCA Midwest
10/30/2011 APCA Midwest
11/3/2011 APCA SOUTH
11/4/2011 APCA SOUTH
11/5/2011 APCA SOUTH
11/3/2011 Naca West
11/4/2011 Naca West
11/5/2011 Naca West
11/4/2011 Oroville CA
11/5/2011 Oroville CA
11/12/2011 Denison IA
11/14/2011 Clinton IA
11/15/2011 Bettendorf IA
11/16/2011 Madison WI
11/17/2011 Fort Dodge IA
11/18/2011 Sioux Falls SD
11/19/2011 Indianola IA
12/3/2011 Rapid City SD
12/5/2011 McAllen TX
12/6/2011 McAllen TX
12/7/2011 Mc' TX
12/10/2011 Cedar Rapids IA
12/17/2011 Cincinnati OH
12/17/2011 Robinson IL
12/17/2011 Bloomington MN


We look forward to seeing you in Minnesota in 2012 !!!

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