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10/4/2019 Cedar Rapids, IA College Event
10/4/2019 Kokomo, IN Corporate Event
10/5/2019 Southgate, MI Fundraising Event
10/5/2019 Morgan Hill, CA  Public Event
10/5/2019 Columbus, OH College Event
10/5/2019 Clinton Twp, MI  Private Event
10/6/2019 Philadelphia, PA Corporate Event
10/7/2019 Knoxville, TN Corporate Event
10/8/2019 Green Bay, WI  Corporate Event
10/11/2019 Oshkosh, WI Fundraising Event
10/12/2019 Fon Du Loc, WI Corporate Event
10/12/2019 Inverness, FL Wedding Reception
10/12/2019 Chicago, IL Fundraising Event
10/17/2019 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
10/18/2019 Champaigne, IL Corporate Event
10/18/2019 Romeo, MI Public Event
10/18/2019 Hilton Head Island, SC Corporate Event
10/18/2019 Georgetown, KY Corporate Event
10/19/2019 La Grange, GA Corporate Event
10/19/2019 Los Angelos, CA Private Event
10/19/2019 Ursa, IL Public Event
10/19/2019 Nashport, OH Fundraising Event
10/19/2019 Traverse City, MI Wedding Reception
10/19/2019 Detroit, MI Wedding Reception
10/19/2019 Grass Lake, MI  Fundraising Event
10/20/2019 Clinton Twp, MI  Private Event
10/25/2019 Ashland, KY Private Event
10/26/2019 Livonia, MI Wedding Reception
10/26/2019 Welch, MN Wedding Reception
10/26/2019 North Charlseson, SC Wedding Reception
10/26/2019 Mount Pleasant, MI Wedding Reception
10/28/2019 Dearborn, MI  Corporate Event
11/1/2019 Cedar Falls, IA Corporate Event
11/1/2019 Findlay, OH Fundraising Event
11/2/2019 SECOND SHOW Findlay, OH Fundraising Event
11/2/2019 Depew, NY  Public Event
11/2/2019 Wyandotte, MI Fundraising Event
11/2/2019 Albany, NY Corporate Event
11/2/2019 Romeo, MI Public Event
11/3/2019 Erie, PA Private Event
11/8/2019 Clinton Twp, MI  Fundraising Event
11/9/2019 Summerfield, MI Fundraising Event
11/12/2019 Akron, OH Corporate Event
11/15/2019 Montpeilier, OH  Fundraising Event
11/15/2019 Columbus, OH Private Event
11/15/2019 Bowling Green, OH Fundraising Event
11/15/2019 Mobile, AL Wedding Reception
11/15/2019 Liberal, KS Wedding Reception
11/16/2019 Resshaw, PA Fundraising Event
11/16/2019 SECOND SHOW Montpelier, OH Fundraising Event
11/23/2019 Wyandotte, MI Fundraising Event
11/27/2019 Sheboygan, WI Private Event
11/27/2019 Summerville, SC Private Event
11/29/2019 Chicago, IL Private Event
11/29/2019 Danville, IL  Fundraising Event
11/30/2019 Longview, TX Wedding Reception
11/30/2019 Morgan Hill, CA  Public Event
12/3/2019 Marysville, MI Corporate Event
12/5/2019 Midland, MI  Corporate Event
12/5/2019 Blue Ash, OH Corporate Event
12/5/2019 Columbus, OH Corporate Event
12/5/2019 Miami, FL Corporat Event
12/5/2019 Rochester, NY Corporate Event
12/5/2019 Seattle, WA Corporate Event
12/6/2019 Rochester, MN  Corporate Event
12/6/2019 Ypsilanti, MI Corporate Event
12/6/2019 Oklahoma City, OK Corporate Event
12/6/2019 Salina, KS Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Marquette, MI Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Wasau, WI Corporat Event
12/7/2019  Akron, OH  Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Grand Forks, ND Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Springfield, IL Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Livonia, MI Corporate Event
12/8/2019 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
12/13/2019 Fort Wayne, IN Corporate Event
12/13/2019 Birmingham, MI Corporate Event
12/13/2019 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
12/13/2019 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Monroe, MI Corporate Event



Mankato, MN

Oswego, NY

Corporate Event

Corporate Event

12/14/2019 Bay City, MI Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Greensboro, NC Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Westchester, NY Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Sterling Heights, MI  Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Tulsa, OK Corporate Event
12/15/2019 Massilon, OH   Corporate Event
12/20/2019 Redford, MI Corporat Event
12/21/2019 Janesville, WI Corporate Event
12/31/2019 Whitesville, KY NYE CELEBRATION -- Public Event
12/31/2019 Henderson, KY NYE CELEBRATION -- Public Event
1/1/2020 Deroit, MI Corporate Event
1/4/2019 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
1/5/2019 Frasier, MI Corporate Event
1/10/2020 Romeo, MI Public Event
1/10/2020  Piqua, OH Public Event
1/10/2020 Albany, NY Corporate Event
1/10/2020 Chattanooga, TN Corporate Event
1/10/2020 Bad Axe, MI  Private Event
1/11/2020 Erie, PA Corporate Event
1/11/2020 Celina, OH Public Event
1/11/2020 Mayetta, KS Corporate Event
1/11/2020 Rochester, MI Corporate Event
1/14/2020 Philadelphia, PA Private Event
1/17/2020 Endicott, NY Corporate Event
1/17/2020 Auburn Hills, MI Corporate Event
1/18/2020 Second Event Auburn Hills, MI Corporate Event
1/23/2020 Toledo, OH Corporate Event
1/24/2020 Columbia, SC Corporate Event
1/24/2020 St Joe, MI Fundraising Event
1/25/2020 Lincoln, NE Corporate Event
1/25/2020 Findlay, OH Fundraising Event
1/25/2020 Chicago, IL Private Event
1/26/2020 Milwaukee, WI Corporate Event
1/27/2020 Second Show Milwaukee, WI Corporate Event
1/31/2020 Columbus, IN Fundraising Event
2/1/2020 Sioux Falls, SD Private Event
2/1/2020 Green Bay, WI Private Event
2/1/2020 Beatrice, NE Fundraising Event
2/6/2020 Clinton TWP, MI Fundraising Event
2/8/2020 Cove Springs, FL Wedding Reception
2/8/2020 Noblesville, IN Corporate Event
2/8/2020 Hillsdale, MI College Event
2/8/2020 Sandusky, MI Fundraising Event
2/12/2020 Florence, KY Corporate Event
2/14/2020 Fort Rucker, AL Military Event
2/15/2020 Louisville, KY Corporate Event
2/15/2020 Notre Dame, IN College Event
2/15/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Private Event
2/22/2020 Toledo, OH Fundraising Event
2/29/2020 Capac, MI Public Event
2/29/2020 Richmond, VA College Event
3/6/2020 Odessa, TX Corporate Event
3/6/2020 Atlanta, GA Corporate Event
3/7/2020 Las Vegas, NV Corporate Event
3/7/2020 Savannah, GA  Private Event
3/8/2020 SECOND SHOW Las Vegas, NV Private Event
3/9/2020 THIRD SHOW Las Vegas, NV Private Event
3/14/2020 Flat Rock, MI Fundraising Event
3/14/2020 Clinton TWP, MI Fundraising Event
3/24/2020 Lake Charles, LA Corporate Event
3/27/2020 Ursa, IL Public Event
3/28/2020 Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Reception
3/28/2020 Detrpoit, MI Fundraising Event
4/4/2020 New Breman, OH Fundraising Event
4/3/2020 Findlay, OH Fundraising Event
4/4/2020 Fon Du Loc, WI Fundraising Event
4/24/2020 Danville, PA Fundraising Event
5/9/2020 Holland, MI Fundraising Event
5/13/2020 Detroit, MI Corporate Event
5/15/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Wedding Reception
5/15/2020 Detroit, MI Wedding Reception
5/15/2020 Williamsport, PA Fundraising Event
5/16/2020 St Mary's, OH Public Event
5/19/2020 Fargo, ND Fundraising Event
5/21/2020 Athens, OH College Event
5/29/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Wedding Reception
5/29/2020 Buffalo, NY Wedding Reception
5/30/2020 New Breman, OH Wedding Reception
5/30/2020 Charlotte, NC Wedding Reception
6/26/2020 St Petersburg, FL Wedding Reception
7/11/2020 orlando, FL Wedding Reception
7/11/2020 Akron, OH Wedding Reception
7/18/2020 Cedar Rapids, IA Wedding Reception
7/24/2020 Beatrice, NE Wedding Reception
7/25/2020 Lincoln, NE Wedding Reception
7/4/2020 Flagstaff, AZ Private Event
8/7/2020 Richmond, MI Fundraising Event
8/14/2020 Chicago, IL Corporate Event
8/15/2020 Buffalo, NY  
8/15/2020 Indianapolis, IN  Corporate Event
8/25/2020 Harrisonburg, VA College Event
9/12/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Private Event
9/19/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Private Event
12/5/2020 Buffalo, NY Corporate Event
12/5/2020 Tempe, AZ Corporate Event
12/19/2020 Des Moines, IA Corporate Event
12/20/2020 Philadelphia, PA Corporate Event
12/31/2020 Detroit, MI NYE Event -- Open to Public
12/11/2021 Des Moines, IA Corporate Event


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