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1/5/2019 Fraser, MI  Private Event
1/5/2019 Fostoria, OH ,   Private Event
1/11/2019 Piqua, IL  Public Event
1/12/2019  Celina, Oh  Public Event
1/12/2019 Perrysburg, OH  Corporate Event
1/12/2019  Emmetsburg, IA  Corporate Event
1/15/2019  Detroit, MI  Corporate Event
1/18/2019 Columbus, IN Fundraising Event
1/19/2019 Evensville, IN Private Event
1/19/2019 Rome, GA Corporate Event
1/19/2019 Romeo, MI   Corporate Event
1/23/2019  Chestertown, MD  Corporate Event
1/24/2019 Perrysburg, OH  Corporate Event
1/25/2019 Boston, MA Private Event
1/25/2019 Macon, GA Private Event
1/25/2019 Indianapolis, IN  Fundraising Event
1/26/2019 Verona, NY Corporate Event
1/26/2019 Findlay, OH Fundraising Event
1/26/2019  Findlay, OH  Fundraising Event
1/26/2019  Gadsden, AL  Private Event
1/26/2019 Romeo, MI  Public Event
1/26/2019 Marietta, GA,   Private Event
1/27/2019 Fostoria, OH  Private Event
1/29/2019  Lakewood, NJ Corporate Event
2/1/2019 Romeo, MI  Public Event
2/2/2019 Beatrice, NE  Fundraising Event
2/2/2019 Oldcastle, ON , Canada    Private Event
2/2/2019 Des Moines, IA  Corporate Event
2/8/2019 Utica, MI  Public Event
2/9/2019 Boca Raton, FL  Corporate Event
2/9/2019  Roanoke, WV  Corporate Event
2/14/2019 Fort Rucker, AL  Public Event
2/15/2019  Findlay, OH  Fundraising Event
2/16/2019 Reynoldsville, PA Fundraising Event
2/16/2019  Notre Dame, IN  Private Event
2/22/2019  Sterling Heights, MI Fundraising Event
2/22/2019  Romeo, MI  Public Event
2/22/2019 Perrysburg, OH  Private Event
2/23/2019  Knoxville, TN  Fundraising Event
2/23/2019 Utica, MI  Fundraising Event
2/28/2019 New York, NY Corporate Event
3/1/2020 North Miami, FL Corporate Event
3/1/2020 LaGrange, GA Corporate Event
3/1/2019 Lapeer, MI  Fundraising Event
3/2/2019 Athens, GA Private Event
3/2/2019 Clair, MI  Fundraising Event
3/2/2019 Delray Beach, FL  Corporate Event
3/2/2019 Mussey, MI  Corporate Event
3/2/2019 Dubois, PA  Public Event
3/5/2019 Camden, NJ  Corporate Event
3/5/2019 Buffalo, NY  Public Event
3/5/2019 Port Huron, MI  Corporate Event
3/7/2019  Mount Pleasant, MI Corporate Event
3/7/2019  Brighton, MI  Corporate Event
3/8/2019 Waycross, GA  Private Event
3/8/2019 Waycross, GA  Private Event
3/8/2019 Romeo, MI  Public Event
3/8/2019 Shelby Charter TWP, MI  Private Event
3/9/2019 Morgan Hill, CA  Public Event
3/9/2019 Clearfield, PA  Fundraising Event
3/9/2019  Utica, MI  Fundraising Event
3/9/2019 Akron, OH Corporate Event
3/13/2019 Broomall, PA  Private Event
3/14/2019 New Orleans, LA   Corporate Event
3/16/2019 Detroit, MI ,   Corporate Event
3/16/2019  Clinton TWP, MI  Fundraising Event
3/16/2019 Bad Axe, MI  Public Event
3/16/2019  Romeo, MI  Public Event
3/17/2019  Utica, MI  Public Event
3/20/2019  West Bloomfield, MI  Private Event
3/21/2019  West Bloomfield Township, MI  Private Event
3/22/2019  Romeo, MI  Public Event
3/23/2019 Roscoe, SD Corporate Event
3/29/2019 URSA, IL Public Event
3/29/2019  Romeo, MI  Public Event
3/30/2019 Medicine Park, OK Fundraising Event
4/4/2019 Ridgway, PA  Private Event
4/5/2019 Charlotte, NC Corporate Event
4/5/2019 Paxinos, PA  Fundraising Event
4/6/2019 Weston, FL Private Event
4/6/2019  Danville, IL  Private Event
4/6/2019 Paxinos, PA  Fundraising Event
4/12/2019 Louiseville, KY Corporate Event
4/12/2019 Paxinos, PA  Fundraising Event
4/13/2019 Montgomery, MI  Fundraising Event
4/18/2019 Clearwater, FL Corporate Event
4/19/2019 Cape Coral, FL Private Event
4/19/2019  Detroit, MI Corporate Event
4/20/2019 Covington, GA Corporate Event
4/20/2019 Burlington, IA Corporate Event
4/20/2019 Syracuse, NY Corporate Event
4/20/2019 Ashville, NC Corporate Event
4/20/2019 Montpelier, OH  Fundraising Event
4/25/2019 Madison, WI Fundraising Event
4/26/2019 Fort Lauderdale, FL Corporate Event
4/26/2019  Danville, PA Fundraising Event
4/27/2020 Cedar Falls, IA Private Event
4/27/2019 Depew, NY  Public Event
5/4/2019 URSA, IL  Public Event
5/4/2019  West Bloomfield, MI  Private Event
5/17/2019 Europe Tour Begins N/A
5/17/2019 Huntersville, NC Private Event
5/10/2019 Flat Rock, MI Fundraising Event
5/17/2019 Stevensville, MI Public Event
5/17/2019 Lincoln, NE Private Event
5/24/2019 Council Bluffs, IA Corporate Event
5/25/2020 Fort Dodge, IA Corporate Event
5/25/2019 Green Bay, WI  Private Event
5/25/2019 Harleton, TX  Public Event
5/26/2019 Des Moines, IA Corporate Event
5/26/2019 Oakford, IL  Public Event
5/27/2019 Europe Tour Ends N/A
5/27/2019 Royal Oak, MI   Private Event
6/6/2019 Waxhaw, NC Private Event
6/7/2019 Concord, NC Private Event
6/7/2019 St. Petersburg, FL Corporate Event
6/7/2019 Rochester, NY Corporate Event
6/8/2020 Tampa, FL Corporate Event
6/8/2019 Alpharetta, GA Corporate Event
6/13/2019 Midland, MI  Public Event
6/14/2019 Gastonia, NC Corporate Event
6/15/2019 Goldsboro, NC Private Event
6/21/2019 Ankeny, IA Corporate Event
6/21/2019 Mankato, MN Corporate Event
6/27/2019 Royal Oak, MI   Private Event
7/19/2019 Plainfield, IN Corporate Event
7/20/2019 Rockford, IL Private Event
7/20/2019 Utica, MI  Private Event
7/20/2019 lincoln Park, MI Private Event
7/14/2019 Coeur D’Alene, ID  Private Event
7/26/2019 Yale, MI  Private Event
8/3/2019 Canton, OH  Corporate Event
8/3/2019 Detroit, MI   Corporate Event
8/10/2019 Richmond, MI  Public Event
8/14/2019 Lake Toxaway, NC Private Event
8/16/2019 Rochester, MI  Corporate Event
8/17/2020 Fayetteville, NC Corporate Event
8/17/2019 Columbus, OH Corporate Event
8/17/2019 Grosse Pointe, MI   Private Event
8/20/2019 Harrisonburg, VA  Corporate Event
8/24/2019 Rochester, MI  Corporate Event
8/24/2019 Lancaster, PA Corporate Event
8/24/2019 Dearborn, MI  Private Event
8/24/2019 Willkes-Barre, PA Corporate Event
9/2/2019 St. Louis, MO Corporate Event
9/7/2019 Miami, FL Corporate Event
9/7/2019 Frankfort, MI Private Event
9/14/2019 Sidney, OH Public Event
9/15/2019 Waynesville, NC Private Event
9/21/2019 South Haven, MI Private Event
9/21/2019 Nashville, TN Corporate Event
9/28/2019 Topeka, KS  Fundraising Event
10/5/2019 Clinton Twp, MI  Private Event
10/19/2019 Grass Lake, MI  Fundraising Event
11/15/2019 Montpeilier, OH  Fundraising Event
11/29/2019 Danville, IL  Fundraising Event
12/6/2019 Rochester, MN  Corporate Event
12/7/2019 Marquette, MI Corporate Event
12/7/2019  Akron, OH  Corporate Event
12/13/2019 Birmingham, MI Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Oswego, NY Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Greensboro, NC Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Westchester, NY Corporate Event
12/14/2019 Sterling Heights, MI  Corporate Event
12/15/2019 Massilon, OH   Corporate Event
1/10/2020  Piqua, OH Public Event
1/10/2020 Albany, NY Corporate Event
1/10/2020 Chattanooga, TN Corporate Event
1/10/2020 Bad Axe, MI  Private Event
1/11/2020 Erie, PA Corporate Event
1/11/2020 Celina, OH Public Event
1/23/2020 Toledo, OH Corporate Event
1/24/2020 Columbia, SC Corporate Event
1/24/2020 St Joe, MI Fundraising Event
1/25/2020 Chicago, IL Private Event
1/26/2020 Milwaukee, WI Corporate Event
1/31/2020 Columbus, IN Fundraising Event
2/15/2020 Louisville, KY Corporate Event
2/15/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Private Event
3/6/2020 Atlanta, GA Corporate Event
3/7/2020 Savannah, GA  Private Event
8/14/2020 Chicago, IL Corporate Event
8/15/2020 Indianapolis, IN  Corporate Event
9/12/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Private Event
9/19/2020 Grand Rapids, MI Private Event



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